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How to Pick Your Multitool?

There’s no other way to put it: a multi tool is always useful and it can save you from many troubles. snow multitoolBut the no.1 condition for the multi tool is to be the right one as there’s no use if you have the wrong multi tool.

Before deciding which multi tool is the right one for you, it’s better to give a thought or two to some important aspects. Optionally, you may read up some online reviews.

One of the best features of the right multi tools is portability. A multi tool that comes with a great little screw is useless if it keeps on falling out of your pants. So, the right multi tool needs to be easy to carry around in any situation. Take a closer look at the multi tool you are about to buy and see how it’s going to fit in your pockets/backpack.

For instance, a keychain multi tool is typically smaller but it’s great as you can take it everywhere with you. A pocket multi tool is, on the other hand, bigger and heavier but it rides easily in a pant pocket or in your backpack. Snce it’s bigger, the multi tool gives you heavier duty tools (like pliers) but they compress into a compact form that is easy to store.

There’s always the option of belt multi tools that contain full size pliers, replaceable wire cutter, real tools, in an easy to carry around package. A belt multi tool might fit in your pocket, but it’s best to wear it in a sheath on your hip. The full-size multi tools are rugged, long lasting and can take the heavy use.

If none of these options suits your needs, you can also go for a one-piece multi tool. This type is slim, flat and made from a single piece of steel and may be clipped onto keys, belt loop, bags, bikes and so on. As it’s a static lump of metal, it can only give so much utility as a bow wrench in few common sizes and maybe a flat driver-cum-scraper.

What else to consider?

You really need to know why you are buying a multi tool. Do you need it to open packages? Do you need it to fix something around the house? Do you go hiking a lot and it’s the wise thing to take along? Put down the situations when you anticipate you’re going to use the multi tool and then decide which model fits these needs.

It’s important to know that a multi tool might be specifically designed for a certain task, like cleaning a firearm or fixing a bicycle.

Ask yourself if you need a multi tool or a real tool. As much variety for applications a multi tool might give, it’s also not as capable as a specific tool. You can’t fix your skateboard with a weak multi tool, but you can do a better job with a specific, strong wrench.

No matter how much you like your multi tool, keep your expectations under control and stay away from the extra features. A multi tool with a flashlight or that easily fits your wallet, is not a useful multi tool anymore. Keep an eye to the brand also as some manufacturers know better their job. Price is also always a tip when it comes to the quality of your multi tool.

Stay safe

Even though it’s quite tempting, it’s better not to have a knife blade on your multi tool. One reason is that the quality of that blade is very poor (which is no.1 factor on knife injuries) and another is that you’ll never be able to handle the multi tool as a good knife handle-simply because it can’t be used like that. On a plus, deploying a knife from your multi tool is also challenging and slow and having a separate knife is always the better option. And, there’s always the risk of not being able to fly from safety reasons.